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Prioritizing Health to Attain Optimal Wellness

When is the right time to prioritize your health? Is it after the diagnosis or before? And what does prioritizing health even look like? Most people believe health is the absence of disease. True optimal health, however, is personal. It goes much deeper. It is your complete physical, emotional, and social well-being. It factors in the active role that you take to manage these things in your life. It evolves, and while many things aren’t, the desire and actions you take to attain optimal health, are in your control. One can think of

disease and optimal health as two ends of a spectrum, with many different scenarios in between. There is more to health than just living without a diagnosis. The Integrative and Functional Health approaches seek to treat the body as a whole and aim to discover the root cause of medical issues. These approaches also encourage preventative health. Movement, stress management, food choices, sleep, and addressing trauma, are just some of the ways we can start to take back the control and prioritize our health.

Our bodies are made up of intricate systems that interplay more than most realize. Gut reactions, feeling butterflies in your gut when nervous, feeling “gutted” by difficult news, are all expressions that relate our gut to emotions and feelings. These expressions hold the key to what we now know about gut/brain connection. Functional doctors look to the gut for answers to anxiety, depression and neurological diagnoses such as ADHD, PANS, and other issues relating to hormones, thyroid, and our immune system as a whole. This makes gut health something to prioritize when striving toward optimal health. If you already have a diagnosis, it is only the beginning of your journey to take back control of your health. Whether you’re already feeling the symptoms, or able to start prioritizing your health before they begin, working with a functional health coach and doctor will help you get to the root of your issues and support you on your journey. Are you ready to start prioritizing your health? If not now, when?

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