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Stainless Lunch Containers for the win!

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

As a mom and health coach, I get it – the choices we make for our kids matter. As we gear up for school you’re probably stocking up on lunchbox containers. If your typical choice is plastic, I encourage you to think again and opt for a stainless steel version.

Plastic lunch containers seem convenient, but they often come with hidden baggage. Phthalates in plastics can leach into our kids' foods and drinks, which isn't what we want for their health. Plus, plastics are less durable, not eco-friendly, and can mess with hormone regulation.

Switching to stainless steel means no more worrying about toxins or chemicals in our child’s lunch. Here are some of the benefits I like:

✔️Non-toxic: Stainless steel ensures your child's food stays clean

✔️BPA free: No harmful chemicals

✔️Non-porous: No dust or bacteria getting left behind after washing

✔️Durable: They are built to last

✔️Hormone Safe: Non-hormone disruptors

One of my favorite stainless brands is LunchBots - which can be purchased along with some of my other finds from my go-to, Amazon here:

If you aren’t ready to make the switch or need the convenience of a larger bento box style, I do have a plastic suggestion for you - check out Bentgo (they make stainless too) on Amazon:

I know the priority we place on our kids' health and well-being. Making a switch to stainless ensures we are benefiting our children’s health daily.

*This article includes affiliate links

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