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Meet Brooke

Brooke Lam, of Keeping Families Well, has experienced many chronic health issues within her own family. From cancer, autoimmune disease, hormonal imbalance, thryoid issues, liver disease, allergies, cardiac issues, diabetes, endometriosis, gastrological issues, PANS/PANDAS, & ADHD, to mental health issues including anxiety, depression, and addiction, to say her family's genetics aren't great is an understatement.  After years of traditional medicine, being bounced from specialist to specialist, prescriptive meds, losing loved ones to disease, and watching her kids suffer, Brooke found integrative health.  What a gift to learn that we are not victims of our genetics.  We can take back the control and help manage our conditions with our lifestyle choices and getting to the root cause of symptoms while looking at our body as a whole integrated system.   

It was through these health challenges and the knowledge she gained that Brooke became passionate about Functional and Integrative Health.  Brooke is a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach helping families reach their wellness goals through support, accountability, collaboration, education, and providing resources to empower clients to take their health and wellness to a new level.



Brooke began as an attorney, graduating from University of Miami School of Law, after gaining her Finance and Communications degrees from the University of Florida.  Quickly realizing that she needed a career change in order to care for her children, Brooke started a successful private educational tutoring company, Florida Math Tutor, and has been working with middle and high school students for over 14 years.  Expanding on her desire to help kids and families, and seeing the connection between lifestyle choices and educational performance, Brooke became a Certified Health Coach through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute.  She also studied with the Institute of Functional Health Coaching and is currently expending her Functional Medicine expertise at the prestigious School of Applied Functional Medicine and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition.  Brooke integrates her passion for functional health, education, research and application of principles to help individual clients keep their families  and well.

*Brooke Lam is not a licensed medical doctor and therefore does not prescribe, practice medicine, or diagnose disease, nor does she claim to cure any disease.  Brooke always recommends that you work with a licensed doctor along with the work you are doing with Keeping Families Well.

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