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Summer Tip

Did you know your largest organ is your skin? Protecting it is vital, but sunscreens can be your friend or foe. When it comes to ingredients, avoid Avobenzone and Oxybenzone which have been tested and found readily absorbed into the bloodstream of humans at unsafe levels. Chemicals like Oxybenzone are

suspected hormone disruptors, linked to thyroid cancer in female rats, and harmful to our environment (i.e., coral reefs). Instead, opt for mineral-based sunscreens with zinc oxide or titaniumdioxide. Remember to use hats, sunglasses and SPF clothing as well, rather than solely relying on sunscreen.

Another key thing to avoid when choosing your sunscreen: spray sunscreens. Spray sunscreens can cause inhalation of aerosol chemicals that are untested in this capacity, and that can cause lung issues. Check out for the Environmental Working Group’s Guide to the safest, most effective sunscreens for your family.

While protecting our skin is critical, sunscreens block our absorption of vitamin D. Check your levels during your next blood test. Much of the population is low in this critical vitamin. So, make sure to eat vitamin D rich foods like salmon and eggs and talk to your doctor about taking a supplement, if necessary.

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