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What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is a whole-body approach to health where pratcitioners aim to find the root causes, the "why" to the health issues each individual is experiencing.  It goes beyond the prevailing conventional model of just treating the symptoms associated with chronic health issues. Functional medicine can also help us attain true primary prevention of disease rather than just early detection or maintaince.  

As a Functional Medicine Health Coach, I aim to empower you to become the healthiest version of yourself.  Whether this is helping you focus on lifestyle changes, educating you on functional medicine testing that is available for you to take a deeper look at your current health, empowering you to have more effective doctor appointments, or keeping you accountable to your goals, Keeping Families Well will support you every step of the way.

I am passionate about health, wellness and taking control of our health.  We don't have to be victims served a sentence of poor health.  Even if our genetics seem to be against us, we can take back control and make healthier choices to feel better and keep our families well.  You can learn more about my personal story with Functional Medicine here.

- Brooke


Is working with me right  for you?

If anyone in your family has:

-Bounced from doctor to doctor, but don't feel heard or understood

-Suffered with a chronic health condition or random symptoms and

you want to try something new

-Wasted time and money on previous treatments

that didn't work or made symptoms worse

-Felt stuck on medications for chronic conditions

-Felt fatigue, brain fog, imbalance, or just off

-Dealt with chronic infections, skin issues, behavior/focus issues, allergies, gastrointestinal problems or other chronic symptoms-

-Felt depressed, anxious, or overwhelmed with life?

-Needed help or accountability while following

your doctor's plan of care

-Sought education and help leading a healthier lifestyle

-Suffered with gastrointestinal issues, leaky gut, constipation,

or wanted to improve gut health

-Struggled with ADHD, Migraines, PANS/PANDAS or other neurological chronic condition, diagnosis or symptoms

-Sought to learn how to live a more toxic-free life

and how to help support your body's detoxification

-Had a friend or family member, or a doctor,

suggested you use a health coach?

-Known you need a lifestyle change

but just don't know where to begin or how to stick with it

-Wanted to help your family live a healthier life


If any of these apply to you,

book a complimentary Introductory Call so we can talk

and see if health coaching is the right fit for you.



Keeping Families Well has been just what we needed.  My son was having so much trouble focusing in school, was constipated, and suffered from eczema most of his life.  I also was having such a hard time handling his hyperactivity.  Brooke helped open my eyes to some lifestyles that were causing issues I didn't even realize.   After working on them for a few months, we started to see big changes.   

I was exahusted and overwhelmed and didn't know where to turn.  I had a bunch of "symptoms" but wasn't diagnosed with anything specific.  Most doctors just passed me off, looking at my blood tests and saying I was fine.  Brooke really took the time to listen to my concerns.  She was compassionate and understanding and helped motivate me to start making necessary changes.  I didn't even realize that some of my actions were making me feel so lousy.  

I've been suffering from hormonal issues most of my life.  Birth Control Pills seemed to be the typical answer.  I wanted to get off of the pills so I could get pregnant but knew I wanted to work on my health too.  Brooke helped point me in the right direction so I could work on balancing my hormones and healing my gut.  She was with me every step of the way and I've learned how to work on having a healthier pregnancy now as well.

Jennifer S., Mom of 2 

Nicole M., Mom of 1

Olivia H., Expentant Mom

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